What to do now - May

  • Earth up potatoes, drawing up soil covering the leaves, do this even if your leaves have been hit by frost.

  • When harvesting rhubarb, remember to pull the stems, do not cut, as by pulling the stems it encourages new growth.

  • Weed strawberry beds and mulch around the plants with straw. If you notice the strawberry flower appears to have a black eye, cut the flower off as it has been hit by frost. By doing this it should encourage new flower/strawberry.

  • Create a log pile, as a shelter for wildlife, a semi shaded corner is perfect. even a small log pile can help lots of different wildlife.

  • Keep feeding and putting out water for the birds.

Tip of the month:-

  • "Gardeners World" Magazine for May has a two for one entry card for loads of gardens, you can use the card as many times as you like, until the 12th April 2018. 

  • For a natural snail and slug killer try SLUGGO by Neudorff. Its approved by the organic farmers and growers association. To find out more www.neudoff.co.uk

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Book of the month:-

Build a Better Vegetable Garden by Joyce & Ben Russell rrp £16.99

Good Earth Gardening by Tim Foster rrp £8.95