1. Problems


Try and resolve problems with neighbours by taking the time to talk with them. They may not realise something they are doing is upsetting you. If your neighbours ignore your concerns and/or their actions are in breach of the rules, you can contact the Secretary; we have a complaints procedure which is detailed below.


If you find any of your produce is pilfered, please make sure you report it, its important we know where losses are occuring on the site.


Sometimes plotholders find that they have taken on a bigger plot than they can manage. Don't be embarrased, talk to the site supervisor or contact the allotment secretary as it may be possible to reduce the size of your plot or to share it with someone else.



2. Complaints procedure.


The Society's management committee adopted the following complaint procedure for use by all members of the Society with effect from 17 July 2012. It was modified by committee decisions on 16 October 2012 and on 15 January 2013


How to complain


You must write or email the Society's Secretary within 14 days with full details of the event which has given rise to your complaint. Anonymous or unsigned complaints will not be accepted.


The Secretary will write confirming receipt of your complaint. This should be done within 7 days of the date of your letter or email. The letter will be copied to the Chair of the Management Committee so that it can be included in the agenda for the next available meeting.


The Management Committee should make its decision in the matter within 12 weeks. It will write to the complainant via the Secretary with its decision. The decision will be minuted and made available via the Society's website and notice boards. Under the terms of the Society's lease with the Council, the complainant, if unsatisfied with the Committee's decision may take his or her complaint to the Council's allotment's manager *whose decision in the matter will be final. 



* James Rose, London Borough of Havering, The Stableblock, Langtons, Billet Lane, Hornchurch, RM11 1XJ  Email or phone 01708 433868