What to do now - March

  • Sow Broad Beans direct into the soil

  • Plant onions and shallots.

  • Clean greenhouse in preparation for the new growing season.

  • Sow Tomato/chilli seeds (if you have a greenhouse/polytunnel), as they can take a while to germinate.

  • First early potatoes can be planted once the soil has warmed up.

      Once the foliage appears start the earthing up process, this               will provide against any late frost. To do this process, draw up             the soil up both sides, covering all foliage, so you create a ridge.       As they grow this process may have to be repeated 3 - 5 times.

  • Tidy strawberry plants by removing old/rotten leaves, and feed with sulphate of potash by lightly forking it into the soil round the plant.

  • Keep an eye on those weeds, hoe the soil on a regular basis to help keep them under control. After all, you want all the goodness going to your vegetables and not the weeds.

  • Continue to feed and put out water for the birds.

Tip of the month:-

Free water for watering 

Sheds and Greenhouses provide an excellent opportunity to collect 250 litres of free water (the average size of a water butt) and by linking water butts together you have the opportunity to collect up to a 1000 litres or more.Your plants will love you for it.

For all types of water storage containers www.smdd.co.uk

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Book of the month:-

The Expert Vegetable Notebook By Dr D.G. Hessayon  RRP £5.99