• Prune autumn raspberries to ground level, new growth will produce fruit in the autumn. MAKE SURE they are autumn as summer are not only pruned at a different time, but also in a different way.

  • Feed all fruit bushes/trees with sulphate of potash, as this helps with fruit growth later in the season. It is also a brilliant feed for strawberries. 

  • Start chitting potatoes - a process that encourages the growing of the tubers that will be producing your potatoes once planted. Place potatoes (eyes pointing upwards) in an egg or seed tray in the light, when buds are 1-1.5" they are ready for planting. 

      First early:- potatoes grown for harvesting in June/July.

      Second early:- grown to bridge the gap between the first early of            July/main crop potatoes.

      Main crop:- these potatoes are grown for winter storage and                     harvested in late September/October. 

      For blight resistant potatoes try:-

      Sarpo Kifli, Sarpo Axona, Sarpo Mira or Sarpo Blue Danube

  • Apples belong to the same plant family as roses, so instead of roses this valentines day, how about given an apple tree? or if your feeling really brave and wearing a safety helmet a bag of apples!!!!!!

  • Keep feeding and put water out for the birds (feather kind). 

Tip of the month:-

If you can get it, when sea weed is put on the soil it not only makes a good fertiliser, it also makes a brilliant slug deterrent, as they do not like the salt content the salt does not harm the soil or plants.

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