What to do now - December

  • Continue to sow seeds but be sure to protect them from the cold and bad weather
  • You can sow onion seed into trays and transplant later in the spring but keep them frost free
  • Put well rotted manure and then straw (about 30cm/12in) on rhubarb crowns to give them an extra boost
  • Check on your new potatoes in the greenhouse to make sure they are fully covered in soil and not turning green
  • Continue to dig over the empty beds on the plot. Digging now will make the ground much easier to work with in spring
  • The patch where brassicas will be placed would benefit from being limed to help control the disease clubroot. Lime is available in our trading store on site but make sure you get your supply before we close the store in November over winter
  • Prune gooseberries. If birds are a problem leave until march as they will steal all the buds
  • Think about the wildlife. Leave some untidy areas, pile of sticks or pile of leaves etc, to create/keep habitats
  • On the 25th December, enjoy your freshly grown organic produce for christmas dinner