What to do now - August

  • Don't forget to order your seed potatoes, onion sets and garlic bulbs!
  • Prune restricted summer fruit trees (restricted trees - Cordons, espalliers, fans, pyramids etc)
  • Keep harvesting fruit and veg as it becomes ready
  • Feed soil with green manure. you can find out more about green manures by clicking here
  • Cut back the canes to ground level that fruited on summer raspberries
  • Sow spring cabbages and winter lettuces and other crops. (sow succesionally for continuous supply) Check the sowing and planting guide for more information by clicking here
  • If you are left with an empty bed on the plot its always best to dig over and fertilise it accordingly for the next crop you plan to plant there. You can find more information on crop rotation and how to fertilise correctly by clicking here