Working parties

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Do you want to have fun and make the site better for all? Look out for dates of future working parties to help around the site, and fix up the store.

Contact us on to let us know any skills that you have that could be useful (eg carpentry, painting and decorating, building etc.) Or watch out for dates when advertised and come along and learn new skills with a friendly team.

Click here for the site management plan 2022 for all that needs doing

Next working Party

Saturday 2nd April and Sunday 3rd April
starting 10am
Come along to do your bit and meet other allotmenteers

Thanks to all those who helped with the first raised bed. Just one more to do.

Refreshments will be supplied


Work in progress the toilet block restoration

toilet block before.JPEG


toilets before.jpg

Clearing the memorial garden

Many thanks to all who came to help clearing the memorial garden.

Two large toads were found in the pond. We hope we didn't disturb them too much and perhaps next year we will be able to see their babies! Some spring bulbs and bushes were planted and the pathway cleared. 


before pond.jpg
Pond clearing.jpg
Wildlife workers.jpg
pond cleared.jpg